Image: Bend, Oregon

So you’ve chosen your holiday destination. One of the most important questions that pop up might be: So, where do I stay?
You fancy a long getaway at that alluring beach town, resort town or National Park. You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time at the beach, or exploring nature, or another similar activity.
However, you probably also have a lot of spare time that you wish you could spend eating your favorite cuisine, or at a local bar, a quiet cafe, or maybe you just like to play a sport or work out.
Instead of spending hours…

Image source: The Practical Saver

As somebody fairly new to the tumultuous world of trading, I was (and still am) the typical rookie making typical rookie mistakes. Over-investing in the wrong stocks and under-investing in the ones I should’ve invested more in. My initial gut feeling was to follow recent short-term trends and time my investments correctly to “ride the wave” so to speak, to invest heavily in stocks that seemed to rise, and divest those that felt were on a decline. The problem was that I found it increasingly tricky over time to balance the prediction of these trends adequately. I’d often sell stocks…

Krishnan Raghavan

Engineer and Data Science Enthusiast

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